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"Parallax" is the first work of the spanish metal band Subject 11. Self-produced EP, recorded, mixed and mastered at Ynsomnia Studio (Córdoba, Spain).


released March 4, 2016

Al songs written and recorded by:

Álvaro Moreno: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths
Luis Reche: Guitar, Bass, Clean vocals
Alberto Luna: Vocals



all rights reserved


Subject 11 Spain

Originally started in 2015, Subject 11 is a spanish band who combines several metal substyles like progressive metal, djent, ambient or metalcore, as well as some electronic music influences.

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Track Name: Submerged
I am enclosed into the dread
Far beyond
Antiseptic cocoon
Infuse behavior paradigms
Breathe in blood
Antiseptic cocoon
Sunrays are breaking
Sunrays are breaking
Through the glass

A new century is born from the cage
As we rise to hell
The ashes will burn again
Unlimited concept of human being
Reactivate functions along the veins

High size accords
Limits vanish off
In this riverside
Where I belong
Innocuous life
Dissipated tears
There is no battlecry
There is no pride

Mind scheme
Empty soil
No distress
Waste of me
Lounging around
Track Name: Newborn
There is no turning back
Nothing is up to you
A little taste of fear

Touch this face
It is all yours
My precious gift to you
Reified in human flesh

Who are you going to blame?
Will inherit our sins?
A puppet from design

Wealth of soul
Within my words
Assimilate my speech
As if was yours

Look into my shell
Inside of me
What can you see?
I am alive
Into my shell
Inside of me
What can you see?
I am newborn

None of this will bloom

Constant deception
The rise of perception
The sound of desperate wounds

Behold the genius
Begging for miracles
And no will to evolve

Watching over your steps
Like a bloody beast in heat

Seventy years
I’m feeling all his sadness
Time is only memory
We have left at the end of the road
I will not know who I am
I will not know who I am
I have never been myself
To live I need to find out who I was

Please let me go
You're all I have
Let me live
We are the same
Track Name: First Light
The only axiom is obey
I am the greatest fool around
Am I concerned
Or am I fine?
Tighten the reins
You set me up

Need eyes

Way home
Deep down below
A simple plan


A story told
We’re shaking hands

Destination is an affair
Not in the mood for surrender
I will climb this junk heap
For the light is calling me

Turn up your face
Look deeper than inside
Watch out the story told
With fakes and lies around
I need more eyes
Need more eyes

The consequences you can’t afford
We don’t allow
The maker’s dream is coming close
Now recognize our higher thoughts
You underdog
You constant fool
I am the king to rule this world
You ask me why
You ask me how
I ask you boy to shut your mouth
Track Name: Defective One
Beyond all the senses
Who they don’t know the truth
Light takes shape and
Becomes determination

All those important things
They are completely needless
That I am moving forward without fear
Looking for ways to be
A suddenly forbidden sin
A self-complacent flawless sense of joy

Separate the mind
Believing that you can
Forget desire
Advance together all
I finally feel
Breaking reality
Choosing disbelief

In his eyes was born
He was a prisoner
Not remember love
Never knowing home
I finally feel
Breaking reality
Choosing disbelief

No matter how the time has passed
We´ll return the time against the lapse

Astringent sensitive warning
Twisted boulders on my way
Accurate flawless reasoning
Backs to me at the end of day
Keep mind in a clear state sharp
No tears for defective one
Be quiet this won’t take so long
One blink and you will be gone

Where do I run?
What does a life means?

What is real?
Is this fear?

I stay away from myself
Do not understand
How good the rules are?
What about wrong and right?
Track Name: Aware
Breaking my own silence
Tomorrow stay by my side

How to wake?
I stay on my own dark place
Faces are gone
And I try not to embrace their lies
As they remain

Inside it’s true
This is my home
I am safe

Drills inside me
Scratching over me
I am not here in this room
Drills inside me
Dreams are coming through
Scattered fragments of you

I hold the torn remains
I embrace them like a child
A voice grows in front of me
For what remains
I propose to break it all
What about of killing you?
Just smashing out your heads should feel fine

I know I´ve been acting
The way that scares you dear
Like a rabid beast thrown away from his home
They fade away
I embrace them like a child as they fade away
How could anyone take this from me?

Fix me
Don’t stare at me like this
I’ll be whatever you want me to be
To save you
To save me
To save what is ours
Some things must be done
So fix me

Don’t leave me here starving
I’ve got this feeling running high
You have been looking through me
There’s just nothing left to hide

I am in need of something more
There’s no regrets in being torn